7 of the Best Mobile Bars in Ireland For Your Corporate Event

Cheers to the New Wave of Corporate Event Ideas: The Irresistible Charm of Mobile Bars

Planning an engaging and novel company event that encourages employees to return to the office is no easy feat.  The conventional bar tab is gently nudged aside as employees expect more from each event, making way for an exciting renaissance – the mobile bar scene. This electrifying transformation effortlessly blends classic Irish revelry with a dash of modern flair. As companies yearn to infuse their events with a splash of novelty, mobile bars rise to the occasion, pouring not just drinks, but crafting cherished memories brimming with character and allure. Join us at Booka as we raise our glasses to the 10 most dazzling mobile bars in Ireland, each likely to be the talk of the office for weeks after being booked. Sláinte!

#1 The Irish Horsebox Bar: Ireland’s Unique Bar Experience

The Irish Horsebox Bar is more than a mere mobile drink haven; it’s an embodiment of contemporary Irish jubilation fused with vintage elegance. A repurposed vintage horsebox, this mobile bar channels unparalleled sophistication and authenticity. With a curated selection spanning from local brews to European delights, The Irish Horsebox Bar pours perfection into every guest’s glass. Whether it’s post-meeting coffee or enhancing your evening drinks, they shine. They regularly weave their magic in corporate events, transforming staff parties or grand product launches through customisable branding. For those seeking a top-tier drinking experience, The Irish Horsebox Bar is your exquisite choice.

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#2 White Oak Mobile Bars: A Sip of Elegance on Wheels

White Oak Mobile Bars seamlessly weave vintage charm and modern elegance through their stunning 1968 Citroën food truck. Whether it’s a rustic countryside offsite or an event outside the office, White Oak ensures your guests savour premium beverages served with flair. It’s more than a mobile bar; it’s an experience etched into memory as guests savour delightful concoctions from a unit of timeless sophistication. From the heart of Tipperary, Colin and his team ensure elegance and excellence, no matter the event’s scale. Elevate your celebration with White Oak’s undeniable elegance.

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#3 The Shebeen: Revelry on Wheels

Imagine an authentic Irish pub, replete with camaraderie, snug ambiance, and cherished traditions, right outside your office. The Shebeen transforms this vision into reality – a mobile haven of mirth, embodying the age-old charm of Irish watering holes. The Shebeen has three different types of mobile bar to choose from and serves all event types from corporate events to festivals.

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#4 Fizz Bizz: Where Bubbles Meet Bliss

Fizz Bizz welcomes you with the vivacious fizz of Prosecco, served directly from their pristine van. Their motto, “This place runs on Love, Laughter & Prosecco,” rings true. Every pour promises an effervescent experience that’s as sparkling as the drink itself. The bespoke Prosecco van has become a staple at corporate events throughout the country.

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#5 Wild Atlantic Cocktails: Crafting Moments, One Drink at a Time

For Wild Atlantic Cocktails, it’s not just about the drink – it’s about the experience. They capture the clink of ice and the swirl of a cocktail. Elevating your event’s beverage experience, they capture the essence of every moment. Even more exciting about this amazing option is that they sell their very own cocktail equipment through their online store so that you can craft your own cocktail experiences from the comfort of your home.

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#6 Bóthar Bar: A Timeless Irish Celebration on Wheels

Prepare to be swept away on a journey of authentic Irish charm as we introduce you to Bóthar Bar – a truly unique mobile bar that’s redefining the way celebrations are experienced. Imagine a traditional Irish pub on wheels, a rolling testament to the heart and soul of Ireland’s rich culture and convivial spirit. Bóthar Bar goes beyond being just a mobile bar; it’s an embodiment of Ireland itself, a portal that magically transports the ambiance of an Irish pub to any location of your choice.

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#7 Saint Claire Unique Experiences: Heavenly Cocktail Experiences

In an era where immersive in person experiences matter even more, Johnny @ Saint Claire Unique Experiences brings to the fore an ethereal journey of taste, elegance, and timeless memories. A mobile bar unlike any other, Saint Claire doesn’t just serve drinks; it serves moments drenched in taste and innovation – from signature cocktails to creamy pints and more!

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As the landscape of corporate events continues to evolve, mobile bars seamlessly weave tradition and creativity into celebrations. These remarkable mobile bars add an extra layer of magic to your company day, elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary. Embrace this new era of event offerings and let an exceptional mobile bar be the heart of your event – where memories are made, stories are shared, and joy is served in every glass.Here’s to unforgettable moments and endless cheers! 🍾🥂🍀