About Us

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Our Mission

At Booka, our mission is to change the way that companies plan & deliver employee events, creating an immersive culture that drives unparalleled engagement & experience. We aim to make event planning a strategic function for all of our clients. This, in turn, becomes your competitive advantage driving increased retention and engagement of existing employees, while also elevating your employer brand.

Our platform champions great Irish vendors bringing their offerings to a wider corporate audience.

We are a client obsessed business that strives to continuously evolve in line with your valued feedback. As early adopters of Booka, you will help to shape the future of our platform.

Our Story

Proudly Irish led and Irish owned, the Booka adventure began in 2021, launching in earnest in Autumn 2023.

We are the only platform of our kind and, with the support of early investors, we’ve turned our initial vision into a reality. We have big ambitions for the future both in Ireland and further afield.

Our initial product offering is now live in both desktop and mobile application form, featuring many of the country’s leading corporate event vendors available for booking. Our upcoming product roadmap involves extensive event planning and employee engagement features that will facilitate end-to-end event planning, with actionable insights and data at every step to ensure maximum satisfaction and benefit from every event.

Our Founder

Hi, I’m Donnchadh Healy, the founder of Booka.

A self professed tech lover, I’ve spent the majority of my career in the industry but took the leap to dedicate myself fully to Booka having identified the many pain points of organising company events. I was surprised that a platform like Booka didn’t exist in the market and made it my mission to create it driven by the simple belief that innovative technology could streamline the process of planning events, connecting with vendors, and engaging employees in the process.

The market research conducted to date repeatedly demonstrates to the Booka team how valuable our platform is to companies and vendors alike. Vendor adoption has been strong, seeing leading event vendors in numerous sectors join the platform before our official launch to customers. Early corporate client feedback, from startups to multinationals, has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations.

It is my goal to turn event planning from an administrative headache, to a streamlined and measured strategic function for companies of all sizes that helps them to re-engage their employees in person as the return to offices commences.

A key priority for everyone at Booka is listen carefully to the feedback of our clients and vendors at all times. We will remain agile as we grow, moulding ourselves to your ever-changing requirements as best we can and providing an unmatched employee engagement platform.

My inbox is open, please reach out: donnchadh@booka.ie