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7 of the Best Mobile Bars in Ireland For Your Corporate Event

Cheers to the New Wave of Corporate Event Ideas: The Irresistible Charm of Mobile Bars Planning an engaging and novel company event that encourages employees to return to the office is no easy feat.  The conventional bar tab is gently nudged aside as employees expect more from each event, making way for an exciting renaissance – the mobile bar scene. This electrifying transformation effortlessly blends classic Irish revelry with a dash of modern flair. As companies yearn to infuse their

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10 of the Best Food Trucks In Ireland for your next Company Event

Ah, Ireland – a land of rich history, captivating culture, and, in recent times, a rising wave of mobile gourmet delights! The traditional culinary canvas of our Emerald Isle has been given a vibrant splash of innovation, with food trucks dotting our landscapes, each radiating unique flavors and tales. From the mouth-watering fusion of global cuisines to the reimagined classics, these mobile kitchens offer a gastronomic journey for both residents and wanderers. Journey with us at Booka as we shine

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